When third-party knitwear manufacturing becomes an art.


We breathe and experience knitwear design in all its facets: from research into new materials to technological innovation, from programming and sampling to third-party weaving up to the delivery of garments made for our brands. Nothing is left to chance: attention to detail, study and imagination are the fundamental elements for the creation of a unique garment. Through Raipan we make each creation the fulfilment of a tiny dream.


Every day we find a new source of inspiration in our founder. His passion is the same that now drives us and all our employees, the main players in the creation of garments that are unique in their kind. A vocation nourished and transmitted, year after year and generation after generation, the result of knowledge and tradition that distinguish our creations.


We have strong roots and, at the same time, we study market demand while remaining abreast of the times. The continuous search for new trends ensures that Raipan creations are always in line with current trends. The knowledge and skills of the professionals who work with us are driven by a strong intuition in the field of fashion and an innate sense of beauty.


We concentrate all ideas and designs to make each person happy with what they wear: a unique, original and entirely Made in Italy garment. We carefully choose the materials, to ensure the best level of quality and taste. At Raipan we have a motto: “Make each garment as if it were for you”.