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Third-party knitwear has been synonymous with Made in Italy for half a century

About Raipan

Raipan is a knitwear factory, but above all, it is our idea of handcrafted knitwear born from a passion for things done to perfection: a philosophy now called “Made in Italy”.

The little family business was founded in 1968 by Giulio Fabi in Piediripa, in the province of Macerata. His experience as a knitting machine agent turned into a lifelong dedication to the knitting industry for third parties. So it was that Giulio decided to create a knitting factory for third-party production with an attached wholesale sales network.

Fifty years after that decision, our modern plant in the Marche region is a healthy, solid company with a lively business. As a knitwear factory, we manufacture for third-party brands that are 100% Made in Italy. We have a strong presence in the domestic market as well as in the foreign one. Our objectives today are the same as ever: to instil quality and reliability in every phase of the production process, combining the experience accumulated over time with the most advanced production technologies for third parties.

Ogni tassello ci rende ciò che siamo.

Every piece makes us who we are. Our third-party production professionals use all their knowledge and experience in the knitwear industry at every stage of the production process (selection of raw materials, programming, sampling and bleaching) in order to make each product unique. These peculiarities find their place in Raipan thanks to the immense passion of each of our collaborators in growing and improving at each garment. The Raipan knitwear factory thrives under the constant commitment of all those who are part of it, thereby assuring quality and relliability every day.

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